• 1993 Preparing to set up company, and bought a K304 Digital Gravure System.

  •      The max size is "circle 2200mm x width 3500mm".
  • 1994 Set up the company.
  • 2000 Bought a K500 Digital Gravure System, Epson Style PRO 9000,
        Artpro (Packing Software), Digitizing in plate making.
  • 2002 Bought land and build factory.
  • 2003 For service in textile industry, we bought a Digital Gravure System again
         for Calico Printing Roll.
  • 2004 Move to new factory.
  • Business Concept

      We keep up in high quality and innovation. Research new skill and process in plate making. We still research the skill for simulate metal and laser sculpture. Top service and high quality are our first target. Only ask to make high quality plate all the time. It can update the quality of plate, and improvement of customer satisfaction. All above are key to sustainable business and long-term development.